Flysurfer FlyRace Flyboards

Ohha ein Video direkt von Flysurfer zu den neuen Flyboards :-) looks nice.

Aber ist das nicht ein wenig groß O_o ?


Quote:  The new FlyRace is the only twintip racing board on the market and offers extreme lightwind and upwind performance, like you have never experienced before! Don’t waste time lugging your big race board to the beach and screwing 4 huge fins to your fragile directional board before every session. The FlyRace ensures fast and easy tacks and jibes…

Flysurfer bringt nicht nur nette Kites sondern auch nette Boards

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The adjustable middle fin length, makes sure you have the perfect combination of fin length and control on every course. During its development phase, the FlyRace has proven itself to be very competitive in national and world class Course Racing and Long Distance competitions.

Enjoy this instructional video with Flysurfer & Flyboards teamriders Sebastian Bubmann and Gunnar Biniasch which show exactly how you can get the most out of the FlyRace!

Flysurfer FlyRace Flyboards


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