Antandroy F-One DVD Trailer

Ein wunderbarer Trailer von F-One … von der kommenden DVD. Wie gehabt, wie auch in Addikt sehr schöne visuelle Bilder und Eindrücke von Traumlocations und sauberem Kiteboarding. Vom feinsten.

Antandroy F-One DVD Trailer

Antandroy in der englischen Wikipedia

“The Antandroy (or Tandroy) are a traditionally nomadic ethnic group of Madagascar inhabiting the arid southern part of the island around Ambovombe. Their name means “people of the thorns” in reference to thespiny thickets of endemic plants that characterize the southwestern region of Madagascar.[1] The Antandroy speak a dialect of the Malagasy language, which is a branch of the Malayo-Polynesian language groupderived from the Barito languages, spoken in southern Borneo. (…)”


Music: Talk Talk / The Rainbow

Location: Madagaskar



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